Edinburgh tips

7 May

I’m very excited about an upcoming weekend break to Edinburgh. I’ve been twice in recent years, and loved it. Once with my college class and once for the Heineken Cup Final (Sorry Leicester Tigers)- but as you can imagine- these were both rather lively trips- this time should be (somewhat) different.

So I was wondering did any of you have any advice for good food-shops/restaurants/ bars etc?! All suggestions welcome and very much appreciated!


2 Responses to “Edinburgh tips”

  1. Cranley May 7, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    have to go to eteaket ( amazing tea and all accompanying scones james, etc. their tea menu is so impressive and fresh the last time i was there one tea was unavailable as stuck in customs!

  2. welliwouldntstartfromhere May 7, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    I suggest you visit the famous Italian deli Valvona & Crolla ( at 19 Elm Row in Edinburgh (0131-556 6066) and if you’re feeling flash at least buy a little bottarga (mullet roe) to bring home – you won’t regret it! It seems impossible to buy in Ireland but you can make the deliciously salty Sardinian dish of spaghetti con bottarga when you come home. 

    Nikki Duffy writes well about the delights of bottarga in The Guardian ( and Rupert Titchmarsh also gives it the thumbs up on Jamie Oliver’s website:

    The Wall Street Journal called this deli “arguably the best Italian delicatessen north of the Alps” so I’d say your average foodie wouldn’t be disappointed:

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