Blogger evening at The Library at Dandelion

14 Nov

I recently had the opportunity to head along to a bloggers dinner in The Library restaurant in Dandelion on Stephen’s Green. Although I have been blogging for over a year at this stage, I very seldom get to meet other bloggers, in fact the first time I did, was at the recent ‘Goodall’s Modern Irish‘ launch. So when I was invited to toddle along to The Library I jumped at the chance. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I was a guest of the restaurant, as a result I did not pay for anything that evening.)


I was dining with David, Emily, Stefano and Jason (filling in for Edith).


We started by having a quick chat with Ewan McDonald, the owner, before getting to see the kitchen and meet Head Chef Robert Sabongi. We were seated and after perusing the new menu (which had only swung into operation that day) we ordered a selection of dishes. To begin with, we received a pre-starter of a scallop on celeriac purée- the scallop was cooked nicely, the only slight niggle was that the purée was a little too rich for my taste.


I started with the seared tuna, which was nicely cooked and served with a beautiful fragrant salad. There were bold, punchy flavours of ginger, sesame, pomegranate. I really enjoyed this, it was light and delicate course to start the meal and yet packed a punch in terms of flavour.


For the main course, myself and Jason opted for the duck breast. The duck was nicely cooked, and served with a purée of carrot flavoured with star anise. It was accompanied by some cabbage fried with bacon. It was a very good dish indeed. Simple food, done well.

Dessert. Yes please.

For dessert they brought us out a selection of the desserts that are offered on their new menu. The whipped mascarpone was by far the highlight for me. Light, served with raspberries. I would bath in the stuff. Apologies for that image. If I had to choose what to eat in that bath? The apple pie. It was like something your granny used to make. All of this was accompanied by some very nice wines, paired with the dishes by Karl, who was looking after us very well that evening.


There is some nice cooking going on in The Library. The new menu is packed with tasty and wholesome winter dishes, and everything, down to the burger buns (which we actually got to taste- after dessert) is done in-house. It’s most certainly worth a visit- poke your head in the door, walk across the bar and take a seat up in the restaurant amongst all the books!

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