Happy birthday down under

5 Dec

One of the best views in the world? Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House in glorious sunshine!

The Silver Chicken is down under! Although if you follow me on Facebook or twitter, you probably have noticed this fact. I may have mentioned it once or twice….This trip was to celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday. Which was yesterday.

The best thing? We kept the whole thing a secret. So on Friday, after the family he knew was turning up had arrived. Three of us (myself and two uncles) turned up at Andy’s door, and nearly killed him with shock. Thankfully we didn’t.

So happy birthday Andy! Since we’ve arrived we have been treated to incredible hospitality by him and his family, including delicious food by my aunt Sarah. I have asked for some recipes which may or may not appear on a certain blog. There have been barbecues, gigs, fantastic meals and great company. Absolutely brilliant. And for those of you here in spirit, we’re thinking of you! And while I’m at it- Happy Birthday to both my grandmothers who celebrate their birthdays today!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me Sydney recommendations and if anyone else has them, keep em coming.


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