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Wahaca, Covent Garden

13 May
Guacamole and chips.

Guacamole and chips.

I found myself in London recently. One recommendation that came through on twitter and from friends over and over was Wahaca. So I made sure I tried it for dinner one of the night’s on my trip. I met with a friend from college, who had never eaten with a food blogger before. She did very well, and waited for photos of the food to be taken before going near anything.

We arrived not long after 6, and there was already a wait for tables. We used this time to grab a refreshing beverage- and soon our buzzer was going telling us that the table was ready. We ordered some guacamole and chips while we perused the menu. The guacamole was very pleasant. It had some coriander and wasn’t too heavy-handed on the red onion. Very tasty.

Pork pibil

Pork pibil

I left most of the ordering in my friend’s hands, having been before but my influence did extend to the pork pibil, which was first to arrive. Tender marinated pork, served on soft tortillas, garnished with some pickled onions. It was very tasty but perhaps it lacked a little punch. This may have been due to the heat coming from my beer– which owing to a slight mix up in ordering, was served with chilli and all sorts of other stuff. Interesting and quite spicy.

There was a herring tostada which was sour and a little bit smokey. Delicious. We went for both the taquitos on the menu, the winner here was the sweet potato and feta one. A triumphant combination of sweet and salty. There was also a very flavoursome mushroom quesadilla, which had an earthy taste.

All of this was rounded off with a split order of churros, doused in cinnamon and sugar. Tip (from my mate): order a side of dulce de leche with the chocolate it comes with. Pretty tasty combo. Service throughout was helpful (for us first timers), not rushed and very friendly. In short, the food’s very good, it’s great value and it is a fun place for some casual dining and a few drinks. I just hope they don’t over-extend as they are expanding at quite a rate.

Wahaca, Covent Garden.

66 Chandos Place.

Phone: +44 (0) 207 240 1883 (but they don’t take bookings.)

London food guide

14 Jan


I recently travelled to London, as per the previous post, and I thought I would give a little run down of how the trip panned out and thank those who gave recommendations.

Myself and my travelling companion were over for a friend’s graduation outside of London on Friday night, so as a result we arrived into London on Saturday, tired and late in the afternoon and in need of some comfort food following the early night we had with aforementioned friend.


After a wander, we came across Byron, which I had never heard of, but apparently has quite a reputation for doing rather good burgers. We were not disappointed. Despite having dinner plans we decided that a burger and fries would be the perfect amuse-bouche for the later dinner. It was. Unlike the burger joints in this city that have ten million possible combinations, the strength in Byron’s menu was its simplicity- a few burgers, done well. Served with a slice of pickle of course.


Thanks to a few recommendations from @tomdoorley, we were bound for Soho. We picked The Giaconda Dining Room for dinner in the end, swayed as much by its address (a nod to our alma mater) as anything else. It is a small restaurant with an interesting menu. Service was good, and our water-glass never ran empty with carafes of sparkling water regularly re-appearing on the table. I had cured salmon, ham hock hash, and the best tiramisu I have ever eaten. Apart from the salmon needing a little seasoning, the meal was excellent, as was the service. Also the couple fighting (and storming out) at the next table provided entertainment throughout.


The next day, our plans for brunch faded and became lunch. We ended up eating in Vapiano– a chain that has spread like wildfire across the US and Europe, but sadly has yet to put its feet down in Ireland. Check out their web-page and formula. And try it out if you see them. It never disappoints.


Next was a visit (my first) to Fortnum & Mason. Wow. An incredible establishment with every variety of… well…. Anything you would ever want. Admittedly it isn’t cheap, but the quality and selection cannot be beaten. I got some tea, and some jams and mustards, all of which were excellent. Some aged cheddar brought back for my better half was equally delicious.


Then with a quick flurry down Oxford street, it was time to dash out to Heathrow. On a small note, if you are travelling from terminal 1- do not rely on getting food in the airport, the selection is awful and what you can get is typical airport fare. (Put it this way- my “Cajun Chicken” wrap was not a culinary highlight of the trip.)


Thanks to all who gave me suggestions on where to go, another trip back to London might be in order to try them out! If there is anywhere you feel is good, do comment or tweet them to me- and I’ll add them to the list!




13 Dec

Apologies for the lack of posting in recent weeks. It’s been a whirlwind of activity- hoping to post a lot more in the next few weeks.

Anyways to set a target for myself there will be a post next week detailing a trip to London I’m making, from a foodie perspective of course.

What I’m wondering is- where should I go to eat? Anywhere weird or interesting? Must-eat places!? Comment, tweet or email!

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