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Pho Viet, Parnell Street

20 Jan

People often ask me what my favourite restaurant is. If I had to choose, it’s a place I ate in on my J1 in New York. Nha Trang is a Vietnamese restaurant on Baxter Street, just off Canal Street. I talk about it in my New York food guide. It’s a NY institution at this stage. Dublin had been lacking places to get my Vietnamese fix, as the commute to Nha Trang is slightly prohibitive. Fear no more, as Pho Viet has opened on Dublin’s Parnell Street.

Prawns in a see-through number....

Prawns in a see-through number….

I ate with one of my regular partners in dining, the confirmed foodie. I must state at this point that the staff were very good. While I was waiting for the confirmed foodie to arrive, I chatted with them and they were very willing to explain what to order from the menu and how best to enjoy/eat certain dishes. The menu is compact- something I like to see.

I opted for Goi Cuon, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. Prawns, mint and veg wrapped in a soft rice roll. This was a fresh and zingy start to the meal. Sarah had the Banh Xeo. A crispy rice pancake with pork, prawns and vegetables inside. This was served with some lettuce and mint along with a dipping sauce. It was very delicious.

For my main course I opted for Bun Bo Hue. A spicy noodle soup, with sliced beef and pork. It was a miserable enough evening in Dublin and this soup was the perfect antidote. It had heat, a variety of cuts of meat and was a very generous portion. Sarah had Pho Ga, a chicken noodle soup. Again she chose very wisely. Her dish was another warming soup. Richly spiced with delicate slivers of chicken, noodles and assorted greens. Our mains were served with a plate of bean sprouts, chilli slices and herbs if you wanted to modify your dish in any way.

Throughout the meal the staff flitted around and were very keen to make sure we were enjoying our meal. I had seen that they did Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. I wanted to try it. After some teething problems (read: spilling the coffee) as I figured out how the filter worked- this capped off a great meal.

Pho Viet is another gem on Parnell Street and is fantastic value. The total for 2 courses each, a coke and a coffee was €33. My advice, go there soon. Before Dublin finds out.

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