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Musashi, Capel Street

20 Aug

Musashi has been on my radar for some time.  I first heard of it when it was reviewed in the Irish Times Magazine. It got a glowing review.  Since, I have heard a steady trickle through the twittersphere about the delights this place dishes up.

Myself and my better half tried it out over the weekend. Luckily I read somewhere that if you wanted to get your foot in the door on the weekend that you better book. I’m glad we did- at 7:30 it was jammed. Musashi it should also be noted is BYO, so after a detour to the nearby Spar to pick up a bottle of fizzy-pop (corkage €4) we toddled in.

We were seated by some very friendly staff and started glancing over the menu. Green tea was served and an ice-bucket and glasses were brought within seconds for the wine. There is a wide selection of dishes on the menu- but we had come with sushi in mind so our meal was sushi-heavy. We ordered a few starters and one main to share and it was more than enough food. We probably could have swapped the main for another starter and this would have been perfectly sufficient.

Prawn tempura roll

Ebi gyoza










The first thing to arrive was the prawn tempura roll. It was the highlight of the meal. It was freshly tempura-d, and the rice had a wonderful texture. It was  firm enough that the sushi held its structural integrity when picked up, but delicate enough that it was a pleasure to eat. The contrast between the crispy tempura and the soft rice was wonderful. We have both agreed we will be going back for this dish in particular.

Then the ebi gyoza arrived- I thought they were very tasty.  The other half wasn’t such a fan- she thought they were a little scalliony (not a good thing in either of our books.) I was the beneficiary of this view and had the plate of these tasty morsels to myself.

Bara sushi

The final platter to arrive was the very pretty Bara sushi selection. It was a wonderful assortment. We are both picky when it comes to fresh fish. You may know that I am a recovering fishmonger, well so is the other half. It’s how we met (No our eyes didn’t lock over the lobster-tank.) Happily, everything served was of the utmost freshness. The salmon was incredibly tender and stunningly fresh. The tuna rolls were very tasty- the only piece that didn’t meet with our approval was the squid. Mainly because it tasted and felt like raw squid. Not one of the more pleasant things in life.

After a few moments pause we prepared ourselves for the arrival of the tuna teriyaki . A generous piece of tuna (which they had asked how we would like cooked) arrived. Served with stir fried veg and more of their wonderfully sticky, chopstick-friendly rice. The dish was very tasty. The rice soaked up the sauce very nicely. My gripe with this dish was with the tuna. It was a slightly grizzly piece and wasn’t cooked particularly evenly. Some parts were medium and others were towards the very rare side.

Desert wasn’t the highlight of the meal but I am willing to share the blame on this one. I read it and saw that it was a stable of bought-in favourites and still went for it. Thus, I can’t cast judgment- my sweet-tooth got the better of me. However I would like to see them with something authentic and in-house on the menu.

The service throughout was excellent, efficient and very friendly. With a coffee and corkage the grand total was just over €52. Have sushi, skip desert and you won’t go wrong. We cannot wait to go back.

Nice food guide

26 Aug

I recently came back from a short break in Nice. I had heard a lot about the beautiful climate and beaches, but what about the food?!

Everywhere you turn in Nice, there are (touristy) reminders that you are in Provence. Lavender and olives feature heavily as souvenirs, transformed into an impressive array of incarnations. I did happen upon one wonderful shop (http://www.alziari.com.fr) where the olive was highly celebrated from the oil to the wood. I bought a canister of their olive oil and it is truly incredible stuff. Here are some of the whole olives they had for sale, they had multiple varieties in a range of sauces and spices.

Apart from the influences from Provence, something I hadn’t thought of was of the Italian influences you can see on the menus in the town, owing to Nice’s proximity to the border. Pasta and pizza both feature heavily. Admittedly some of this is for feeding time at the tourist-zoo, but even in the restaurants off the beaten track, you can get some very good, authentic pizza.

Being on the coast there is a vast amount of seafood on the menus in Nice. This was dinner one of the nights. It was one of the biggest plates of pasta I have ever been served, and thoroughly delicious.

Another great spot in Nice’s old town is the Cours Saleya. It is a mish-mash of stalls selling various forms of art, trinkets, and most importantly is home to a lot of sea-food restaurants. As this is tourist-central, prices on the menus reflect that. However some of the seafood on offer is just wonderful. Dinner another night was this wonderful seafood platter. The oysters were the highlight for me, fresh and sweet.

As I had arrived late to the trip, my travelling companions were intent on dragging me to an ice-cream shop, which they assured me I would love. Little did I know what I was in for.

This is Fenocchio (http://www.fenocchio.fr). I overheard a local talking to what must have been a visiting friend, “This, is the main attraction of Nice.”

Over my few days in Nice, I frequented this place numerous times. You would need to, they have 94 flavours currently. 59 ice-cream and 35 different flavoured sorbets. They were incredible. They have all of the regular flavours one would expect, and then the rest! I had too many ‘favourites’ to start giving an in-depth analysis of each, but one that really stands out was the rhubarb sorbet. It was insanely good, and incredibly refreshing in the hot weather. There were some fantastic flavours on offer, but in addition it was also beautifully made ice-cream.

I will be back to Nice. Its mix of great food and even better weather is a winning combination. Plus I still have over eighty flavours to get through.

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