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Chicken- plucked or coloured?

21 Feb

As some of you may or may not know, I’m doing Shave or Dye 2013. It’s a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society. If you want to read up more about Shave or Dye- there are details here:



Anyways- last year I shaved my head and raised money for this great cause but this year I thought I would do it a little differently and put the decision in someone elses hands- you!!!

I am going to let you decide what happens to my precious hair.



a) Shaved

b) Dye it silver- in an attempt to become more at one with the blog- The Silver David. (Dyed properly as opposed to that silly spray on stuff in a can.)



If you would like to donate to my Shave or Dye effort, you can do so here:



I’ll be shaving/dyeing my hair in early March. I’ll let the poll run until then.  Pictures will follow.


Thanks 🙂



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