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Mandarin House, Parnell Street

27 Aug

After my first foray into the Chinese restaurants on Parnell Street- I was eager to sample another. A great blog for all things food-related in Dublin is Stitch and Bear. I have dined out on foot of a few recommendations from Joanne’s site and the Mandarin House became my next target.

I ventured in with Shane- my partner in crime from my London and Brussels posts. He was back in Dublin for a brief stint and is always willing to try something different.

After being seated we examined the menus- and similarly to my recent experience in The Sichaun House we found a much more adventurous menu than you would associate with ‘Chinese food’ in Ireland. Shane having eaten already ordered two starters, spring rolls and some meat dumplings.

More roll than spring.

The spring rolls came out piping hot and on a bed of shredded lettuce. They were served with a chilli dipping sauce, thankfully a more refined version of the sticky gloop found everywhere. They were tasty, but unremarkable. A spring roll is a spring roll.

I had ordered a chicken dish for mains. After some goading by earlymodernjohn in the comments section of the China Sichuan post- I wanted to try something with some oomph. So I went for a dish that had ‘spicy’, ‘chicken’ and ‘heaven’ in the title. I cannot remember exactly in what order these words came.

Chicken that is both spicy and heavenly…

Out came a big bowl of chicken pieces in a murky brown broth. This was an ugly duckling dish. What it lacked in initial beauty it made up for in taste. There was great punch to the dish. It was hot, but had a great depth of flavour. There were dried chillis, peppercorns and what seemed to be clove powder throughout the dish.  It was a triumph. There was a wonderful assortment of  bean-sprouts  and noodles of various sorts lurking underneath. The staff were very friendly and answered my queries about what lurked beneath with interest and a smile.

Shane’s dumplings then arrived. They were tasty, and again the meat inside was spiced very nicely. Neither of us were mad about the texture of the filling- a little over processed perhaps- but they were all eaten all the same!

With a beer and a coke the bill finished up just over €25. While the Mandarin House is not the cheapest place on Parnell Street- the value is there. Firstly the portions are generous- my main could have filled two people easily. Secondly the quality of the food on offer here is very strong. It takes some good cooking to have dishes with such depth of flavour. Certainly a restaurant to try.

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